Custom Ductwork Fabrications

At West Air Heating and Air Conditioning we pride ourselves on our duct design and fabrication abilities. We can offer ductwork from a residential new home to an existing home that is out of the ordinary. Most companies have gotten out of the full duct systems in existing homes because there is a lack of skilled workers and it costs most companies too much, leaving them unable to compete with experienced ductwork companies.

At West Air our technicians are fully trained, we have a licensed sheet metal worker on staff which requires 9000 hours of apprenticeship training, which most companies avoid due to the costs involved. Don’t be scared to ask your heating and cooling technician if they have proper licensing. Gas Fitters specialize in gas line installation, fireplaces and so on, but often do not have experience with custom ductwork fabrication.

West Air is also able to complete many commercial ductwork installations such as spiral piping, and large duct systems for buildings of all types. Rooftop unit replacements are also available at a competitive prices, we are also able to offer commercial financing for building owners, landlords and small businesses.

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