Furnace Repair Wallaceburg

Highly-skilled, our Wallaceburg furnace specialists can service and repair your furnace, no matter the make, model, or age. We always work hard to provide you with the most cost effective furnace solution, whether it’s the installation of a new furnace for your Wallaceburg location, or service and repairs to your current furnace, with our experienced service team keeping your furnace running at peak performance.

Will A High Efficiency Furnace Make A Difference?

Your overall Wallaceburg furnace efficiency is measured by comparing the amount of fuel used by the heat returned to you. At West-Air we have found that the installation of high efficiency furnaces provides THE best financial option (though we can provide service and repair to all makes and models). Our highly efficient furnace service helps to save you a lot fo money over the years, and we often see that the savings end up being more than the cost of your new furnace!

Are You In Need Of Furnace Repairs?

Be on the lookout for many of the tell-tale signs that your furnace requires servicing or replacement, including:

  • Your Wallaceburg Home/Office struggles to get warm enough.
  • It takes too long for your furnace to switch on, or it switches off too quickly.
  • You can hear banging, grinding, or whining noises.
  • A gas or burning smell is coming from your furnace.
  • You’ve had your furnace for over 15 years.
  • Your carbon monoxide alarms keep sounding off.
  • Your furnace has not received service in recent years.

Connect With Our Furnace Repair Team Today

When it is time for furnace repair in Wallaceburg, whether it’s a quick repair or the installation of a brand new furnace, phone 519-436-9105 and book your service call today.

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