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We are proud to be a responsive furnace company serving the Chatham-Kent area, providing furnace sales, service & repair, along with new furnace installations. Whether your home is heated using an older furnace, boiler, or heat pump – we know just how important it is to stay warm in the cold winter months as we take your heating seriously.

Easier Furnace Repairs

Specializing in repairing all makes and models of furnaces, our Chatham-Kent furnace company can deal with your furnace whether old or new. We strive to provide only the most cost effective furnace solutions, whether repairs to your existing furnace are required, or you need the installation of a brand new furnace at your Chatham-Kent location, our expert company is ready to keep your furnace running at peak performance.

Is It Worth It To Install A High Efficiency Furnace?

We gauge the overall efficiency of your Chatham-Kent furnace by measuring the amount of fuel used and returned to you as heat. At West Air we focus only on selling and installing high efficiency furnaces, though we are experts in servicing all makes and models, as we have found that these furnaces are THE best financial option in every installation scenario. Helping save money over the coming hears, our highly efficient furnace service can often save much more than the cost of your new furnace!

Do Your Require Furnace Service?

There are many tell-tale signs that your furnace is in need of service or replacement:

  • Your Chatham-Kent Home/Office is not often warm.
  • Your older furnace switches off too quickly and is slow to turn back on.
  • You can hear new noises such as whining, grinding, or banging.
  • Your furnace switches on with the smell of burning or gas.
  • Your current furnace is over 15 years old.
  • The alarms within your carbon monoxide detectors keep going off.
  • It has been some time since your last furnace service.

Connect With Our Expert Company Today

For professional furnace service in Chatham-Kent, from quick repairs to the installation of a brand new furnace, book your service call by contacting our professional furnace company today!

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