Air Conditioner Repair Chatham-Kent

West Air Heating & Air Conditioning are your local air conditioner repair experts, ready to assist you in Chatham-Kent and beyond.

When it comes to keeping your home cool during the summer months we take our responsibility seriously, promptly attending to your air conditioning repairs so you are able to remain comfortable.

Air Conditioner Repairs Made Easier

Our expert Chatham air conditioner repair technicians are highly skilled, able to service and repair all air conditioning makes and models, whether old or new. We are dedicated to providing you with affordable air conditioning repair solutions, whether that means completing repairs to your current air conditioner in Chatham or the installation of a brand new air conditioner.

In Need Of Air Conditioner Repair?

When it comes to air conditioner issues, there are a multitude of reasons repair or service is required, from a clogged air filter or return duct to compressor failure or low Freon levels.

Common air condoner repair signs to look out for include:

  • You aren’t comfortable at your Chatham Home/Office
  • Your air conditioner unit never switches off
  • You can hear noises such as whirring, buzzes, or rattles
  • You have had your current air conditioner for over 5 years
  • It has been more than two years since your previous air condoner repair

Is It Worth Installing A High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

You will find many benefits to a high-efficiency air conditioner. As a high-efficiency air conditioner has a much smaller operating cost than lower efficiency air conditioning systems, the amount saved on each of your monthly energy bills is able to assist in offsetting the initial upfront investment of the system through its lifespan, so you spend less money month to month. High-efficiency air conditioners are also known for requiring fewer repairs than mid-efficiency systems, and have longer operating lives.

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If you are searching for air conditioner repair services for the Chatham area, our experienced air conditioner repair technicians are on hand to assist you. Speak with our friendly staff today to schedule your air conditioning repair appointment.

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